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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 21, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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here's a live look outside we have brighter skies out there that's the good news look often to the this is finally some sunshine that makes me happy. let's take a quick look here we did have some light sprinkle supported in the north bay this morning but here's a live look here now we have nothing falling at the moment a few green spots near diabolo but nothing more than that. here's where temperatures will go this afternoon as we take a look at this quick look a forecast. run around 79 degrees into the upper seventies low eighties for most of the santa clara valley of to the east will cat may be 84
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degrees for the delta and livermore valley sperry with the upper seventies for the east bay. the space for a line will be in the low '70's. will finish off and the north may look a temperatures in the mid the upper '70's that's a quick look at the forecast will come back as 715 and walking a few more details. >>: and more a dance will look to the high spot mother is a disabled tractor-trailer a lot eastbound 54. where are retooled that one of the lanes will be blocked here. even bigger delays is this a clear run union city and the fremont area this is a not a new direction but this cut still calling delays in both directions. also of this concept of a seen north phone of one no one. a piece of metal is
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basically between lanes one and two so that may also be causing problems for those that are heading in the north from directions and water one from san jose. >>: happening right now in the north bay are developing story investigators are the cinema shooting the man was shot several times this face and head. >>: you as the investigators are still behind either close to wrapping up the scene seven hours after arriving. i talked to the officer with the marin county sheriff's apart department he was shot several times their maze that he survived his injuries. a quarter mile away from this location and at the church it was a public that heard the screams and cries possibly the shots they called the police department the place apart make a mile a minute after getting a phone call. here's a video that we got. tom the still
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working on a suspect description is. the man after being shot at least two times was rushed to the hospital they say they should survive as injuries people here are amazed by that. seems like he had the say about the shooting. >>: there were very close to a party unity we were on the seen less than a minute. there is a guy that number of gunshot los to the head. he is being treated at the hospital but it's not life threatening. >>: back live now this is quite mass of a one. they had 26 evidence markers on the ground. >>: she says that the scene is
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quite mass of not only was the gunshots here but there's a trail of blood. the process of the scene they apparently know who this man is he's not in the city a marin county but they know we is there not mentioning his name a this time. they don't know at this time what the motive of the shooting was. >>: secretary of state john kerry's traveling to egypt today. two u.s. citizens including our southern california banned among 13 is really a soldiers never killed sunday. they say that five for depositthe united nations is nos a way the 500 palestinians, clear of the war once again today were seizing fire. the
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third turned israel except did it and rejected the cemetery a ceasefire. >>: their expressed about the rising death toll in the middle east. >>: is spark protests here in the bay area supporters of the palestinians as well as the supporters of israel both spoke out against the violence. >>: we want to support them because it's a very very small country and we can back from all true. i cannot understand why israel is bombarded gaza. >>: both sides say they plan to continue the a lot rallying as long as the kron flake has go on. >>: flight 70 crashed to the girl with 290 people on board. frustration as a bond with the lack of information that they have on this. there turned open up access to the area where the
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plane was downed. they respond with a call for new military court door. >>: given up all my certain probability of the russian delegate of the aircraft they're nice people control of the side this is criminals control of the crime scene. russia has denied any involvement said the ukraine's military campaign has gone against the rebels. >>: 7 06 san happening today started today year-and-a-half to be a little more to fly. the csa is raising the september 11th and security fees it's gonna increase and be added on to the cost of your ticket is $5.60 each way for the connecting
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flights. that's more than what was it used to be to 50. -- 2.50
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shot when a group of our men started shooting at each other near the park rhumb 5:00 saturday night. and between saturday and sunday morning there was three other shootings that injured three people all the victims are expected to survive so far police have now made any arrests. >>: forget the stock market the next generation the millennial says a they keep their money adjusting cash will have more ahead. >>: one-woman status update invested proves to crasher colonel on wall the stores. approval
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the dow was off 90 right now they're back below the 70,000 are concerns about the media's silence potentials and ukraine and the markets today. the offer good about the markets for anneals. >>: they don't like the markets they like cash. the problem this is not making any money for them if the new survey from the greek god, says america is between 18 and 29 years old three times
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more likely to keep their long- term investment a form of cash. aha that when it comes to marriage there say that i don't the american adults say that there is the lowest rates of marriage by the age of 40. the kurds continue about 30 percent of malarial living. they're nearly twice the share, several reasons behind the plunge their living together without getting married and some are raising families without the wedding ring. if philip their more established financially before they walk down the aisle. >>: philip seymour hoffman is a ploy to was grow from other than to a trust fund for his kids. he did what his kids to be trust
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fund kids. he was dead is $35 million fortune to go to his mother if million mimi o'donnell. >>: the probe a trial of the lost angeles clippers is resuming today third dealing with whether the deal negotiated by his wife would sell the team to the former microsoft for 2 million their authorized of the family trust. the trial has with other races last month but was under recess for the week. sterling as the owner of the racist remarks he made his girlfriend, on the audiotape. >>: the to was a wildfire is have destroyed homes and burned billionths of acres in the southwest. >>: virtually nothing left on touched a raw materials washington that's about to
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render miles south of seattle. >>: their summer homes there that reduced to rubble more than a hundred 50 structures in these well fires of washington state and oregon over the past week. >>: we have a severe accident west around 80 just before the bay bridge get in the bay bridge is a ploy to be slow this money center lanes are blocked i wanna take you to the up live look of the bay bridge traffic is slow heading into the city as causing major delays no word yet on exactly what sort of accident what and how happen or how long it will take for the scene be cleared up this is a severe it's their right now where looks like it's gonna be impacting traffic this morning potentially. also
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heading go toward union city's another house on a tracking is and his work area where the accident here was on highway 4 at the center lane block is causing some delays and antioch 0.3 pittsburgh heading westbound. the quid bridge check of the san mateo bridge this morning we could see here that were problem free as of now and the traffic is moving without incidents in both directions last but not least here's a look at the golden gate bridge regency traffic here is moving slowly without any problems. >>: critical it or take a look of the weather with a cloud
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coverage we see on the cameras here's what it looks like from space as we look down here's the moisture of the clouds stretched it to cl down to the north bay with the moisture appearing making yourself known as sprint closed yesterday for most of the day. >>: we as some bits of it this morning all those not as much practice fading rather fast we of storm trackers for with the radar view much of the way by midmorning were expected to go away by the crowd started to open up to with the roof camera this morning showing as clotted conditions over services go. will expect it to get on the miles i would get the upper 60s is there for cisco mid-60's everywhere else. will get everybody warm up pretty good this afternoon are south bay
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highs will reach anywhere from 76 degrees to 87 depending on where you are. and then award to 79 by sandoz a in the upper to 85 and in a valley. the east bay will hit the low 80s expected to the delta. 80 in the livermore valley in the '70s for the san ramon valley as we had close to the short and who often had will look to the low seventies by the bay. 68 and sever cisco it will finish the tour in the north bay where the temperatures from mid the lead '70s generally were keeping a mile for the next couple of days. wednesday warned slightly thursday friday and saturday will see the temperature is really began to climb will be and a low 90s for the next couple of days through the weekend. >>: new this morning and had not
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crash involving two freight trains and san for cisco. -- wisconsin >>: to members of the train crew are being treated for injuries official said bailey have leaking diesel about 5,000 gal. to the accident scene were investigating a precaution. >>: the rest and a woman who posed as sophie's un facebook wearing nice clothes. nice clothes that the police say that she stole according to authorities in a kentucky they said that she is shoplifted several items from a boutique last week and then posted pictures of her outfits are facebook. they saw at the stall owner of the store say that if they saw her walk out with the close. >>: the facebook friends added stuff up and went to the police
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unidentified who she was and where she was. >>: alabama man got created after he was targeted multiple times vary burglar. this is business was broken into the past few weeks and three times. he set up a baby monitor hoping to catch the thieves early in the morning friday there are some noise on the baby monitor they call the police the cops got there as the robber was leaving. some polytheir many wae your bike and oakland but i will show you the roadways and the next edition of people behaving badly. it's never been easier to find a dentist.
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your writer motorcycle or dirt bike safely but this is a one of them. with the help of you to win rhetors in oklahoma and the show you what not to do. first off whether some of the things wrong with writing your bike on city sidewalks. but apparently in oakland this kind of thing as a normal i guess. it simply amazes me on with people can break the lock and load it on to the internet for the world to
7:26 am
see. show itself flight writers on the opposite side of the road and then riding without a helmet after crash with novell it is more like look love no brains literally. red lights are not sure for these writers to see them going through them all filled up care of the world. except watch this this interaction on fruit fell it's a very busy intersection yard broken every lot of but why stop now. there's a called third fight takeovers with sideshows of where they do everything. but wait that's the same thing for sideshows. zero police have the know pursue policy often if they see the police they did speed away. this another first-time nor will leave the last of the
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gypsy people alter vehicles said their bikes without license plates or how myths he may not know this with is another name for these writers some writers call them squared and other word for them are wary the proper attire light. an oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>: still ahead new charges are being filed at the lows surviving star break resell spec. the ongoing drought in being filed at the lows surviving star break resell spec. the ongoing drought in california having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children.
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law let's say the north win the peninsula are incomplete or overcast there would expect a few sunbreaks there before too much logging in the east bay. the star trackers store has the show that we have some wet weather earlier offshore there down to the north right now nothing is falling and gas in areas of drizzle the north pay but again really add up to much of the week of record for sonoma and napa and for can fill that's
7:31 am
kind of the extent of it. we should move off we will deal with any chance of wet weather this afternoon. temperatures this afternoon whether highest pulp of low to mid '80s for the east bay valley. welcome back to 745 and walking two forecasts in more detail for now let's head back to the traffic center. >>: quite a few hot spots there where tracking quite a few hot spots us or with the bay bridge because a lot of folks this time morning you're heading into the city and this is the commute direction and was found 80 just before the vapours there's an accident such delays are plot. adding to the city not so well as the past that back up if you get right were the webers camille looks like right now you can see that is slowly moving through not so bad if you're heading to the car pool lanes. i
7:32 am
also will take you over to the other house in our tracking 40 this morning. this is and the hayward area south of a 80. the middle lane this shoulder is block ri now also expect some delays there. this is also causing quite a few folks to add to their drive times this morning but saddam to the other hot spot in the door area. the garbage truck ran into some power lines and there's a lot occurs in the area. so there's down power lines and the door boulevard. both directions of the boulevard early shutdown of the sporting world pga crews are working to clear the alliance. >>: may be some oil spilled on the ground to a concerted that fire danger.
7:33 am
to avoid that seen this morning. bella west by highway 4 for somerville rope essentially budgetary to see that traffic is being impacted through and reacted to the pittsburgh area piquancy advocated by the red traffic is slowly will lead this morning. help >>: 733 the developing story that were filed it is triple murder charges for last week's a running gun battle after the bank robbery. they say the thermophile the triple murder charges are rare as the 19 year- old today. and for the death against the hostage. 22 coast of attempted murder of police officers also are expected today. bil
7:34 am
the other robbers killed and a deadly shootout when the the route man robbed the say baker earlier this year. they have
7:35 am
been millions of little is always a chill guide never disturb any budding never caused any problems to go is very calm and nights. he said it would the school with remo's those actions call up everybody off guard. >>: i was a shock because he is always just chill. >>: investigators to believe that they gave the man the ride to build up the bank on thursday. this the other name the suspect to stall the run. >>: the try figure of that good will of their car and of is some information on who the driver of the vehicle is. >>: move this morning a woman is dead in the suspected drunk drivers arrested after a car crash that happened earlier yesterday morning. the hud has
7:36 am
to be crashing a tree near highway 12. they sped through the red light on highway 12. >>: the driver was arrested on suspicion of the wire suspended laces of violating probation. >>: oil ended jail after stabbing another woman and antioch. police are still a investigating the motive for the stabbing. >>: a complicated the state's efforts for global warming they say that the drought would on for years could contact the mall of same and energy collected. officials are pushing utility companies to use 33 percent of renewable resources by 2020. >>: recycled water plants and settles a is expected to help
7:37 am
with the drought conditions to provide a more stable water supply. here's a picture of the grand opening of is seven to $72 million water plant. they say the their prim adducing 8 million gal. of purified water a day. this is the the use of that technology of purified water they've undergone two levels of treatment to the waste-water facility. >>: 737 and happening president obama was about to sign it executive--executive order. they're waiting for carter's act on the issue was well founded in the meantime the taken executive action and signed this order this morning. there and be scheduled today after signing this order. as well as extra protection as were also waiting to hear from the president about 20 minutes from now will be speaking about the crisis in
7:38 am
new canaan. >>:obama live hanky of thank you are a everybody have a seat. hello from the white house everybody, a little late but that's ok. many of you have worked for long-term here organized the signed petitions he said letters of moping because i got a lot of room. and now face severe pressure city here
7:39 am
beautiful organize a share. there's been a ton of people a lot of people. doesn't make much sense but today in america millions of our fellow people are losing their jobs. is not because of who they are very real and that's wrong here we are to do all we can make right.
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first of from rep will join the troops far federal government. and sec order privet air received a contract from the federal direct discriminating,
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america's federal contract should drop the discrimination of our american people. is part of a long president roosevelt so the order of racial discrimination but the light car strength. >>: the executive order is waiting for progress to take action he decided to take action himself. well
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we can legendary actor james garner has passed away. garner had shows that in 2008 is there a lot would to be shows and movies. the tv series the rockford files. also the know what the national book--note book
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if you're traveling from the east bay along 80 into surfaces go there's even more as a is popping up there's a new one here in the richmond area law was about 80 were tracking accident it's just pop up the central avenue the right shoulder is block edger heading a lot 80s towards the bay bridge, several layers are block but this is a nine injury accident. i think the delays are easing up little bit. as it with injuries of south a 80 on east 92 on tax history on the hayward area. all lanes every open this morning and still there's a backup having self into ward union city. an
7:48 am
accident at newark boulevard and lafayette avenue others down power lines because of a car crash earlier this morning. pg&e crews are out seen tried to clear all of that up. they're able to stay away from this day began. will begin with a live look as satellite radar with the moisture over head but is not doing much for the bay area. we had a couple sprinkles with clear dishes up there. the roof camera shows that and thus causing 92 minute arrival delays. temperature is right now are in the mid-50s for most of the bay area. ourself they highs
7:49 am
and only the upper seventies to low 80s that yourself a forecast it expects debitors the below 80s which is best for the delta. adn livermore upper seventies for the san ramon valley. their last clap your show services called out tallith 68 with temperatures the north a load of mid-70s. mild weather for the next three days they is a warm-up just in time for the weekend. >>:gary >>:daria that actually contemplating their that it's good to be regular with a concussion dl if that is a lot stricter but i can you believe that he would not to be in the game he said the did fill in for a couple of ending is more accident happened. bellhop so
7:50 am
these playing and practicing he is looking at the shortstop your play ball why would somebody throw a ball,' if there's ball flying around obviously there's a big play with more than one ball. with the loose a big up and there as you really play everybody. were this a heads up. and a's beat the orioles in is ted to -- 10 to 2 in the end. >>: did he not, the number of fouls. >>: i figure was early in the game too. it was time to get out of their but this was early.
7:51 am
that is really embarrassing. >>: i would of traffic this guy's a good player to. that's the think i was reading something tokyo about tough places to play when you go to miami and you have to concentrate the day before miami is tough. they say that most of the teams got to stay is there for cisco. whenever they gave it goes to service cisco where you go back to your hotel service cisco you have to play the next day. as of the follow-up of the read fro, that was miami. >>: the dow only data to a jury
7:52 am
when the goal is to a liquor store three years probation and then the big publisher 11 monday's of shares. we do is you gotta do right? ella if feels very light if you look all the charges everything develop >>: that's like appearing and then everybody has a different opinion i may be heard to. bella really? bellho her brother talked about light sentence let somebody says to you to pick up garbage or monday or go jail. >>: mary mclemore is dead. bell
7:53 am
in a science and more autographs. >>: their pullover to get his autograph. >>: that's one of those of say it again to all the kids up there find the skilled and become one of the best at it and then you'll probably get out a lot of things. belkna trinidad cashed it he believed in his kid when he was 15 he played like that he spent 10 years he said this kid in to and years will win. >>: there were 350,000 or so. those odds back then were five ordered to what would they that on the kid. >>: he just came in under the wire when he got that one. bell
7:54 am
he put down between stackable london opposed going dollars. bel all of the the ball is tea rose. >>: here we are a goff we sound like-this just for like-- golf the texture of her remember " moreover " envelo we are over
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with the weather forecast is as windows this morning let's go any with the big problems for the short freeway. >>: quite a few incidents were tracking the spread their keep adding on this morning. will star with the most recent one here which is along interstate west around 80 at central avenue where there's an accident on the right shoulder is block it is
8:01 am
causing delays and righetti ports of debris with the university avenue in berkeley were westlake's are affected. where the further west. before the bay bridge and the federal lands are blocked you see that they're causing delays in backups as well this morning were is also causing delays for the city. looks like traffic is very slow moving. if you're working from home this more a fair in the east bay for a little bits of these incidents it cleared up. other hot spots and southbound 880 at ease about 90 to the leas every open their some improvements but you concede that stop some traffic south of is backed up. were heading over to the other traffic accident towards being in city and frimaire area
8:02 am
suffered a 80 and alvarado boulevard the right shoulder is affected you concede that there's many backups and delays in both directions here. will take a look at the bay bridge for you concede that the traffic is backed up and looks like a lot of folks are gone throughout 10 mi. per hour. take a look at the cemetery ridge there is no major problems here this is actually trouble-free take a look at the golden gate bridge it is cloudy but you did see it is problem free and the north bay heading into the city. time dallas a 02 here's dave switcher weather. >>: we're starting off with the storm track for, said its results wriggles earlier this morgan they've moved often have not come back some respect to see this trend as we headed to the morning this alive you'll the gold agape bridge camera.
8:03 am
temperatures this after will is the be in the upper seventies to low 80s with a mild forecast for today and the next couple of days. will let the full forecast coming up at 815. >>: overnight and the no. 8 man was shot in the face and stumbled several blocks before police were able to find him. the searches are to find out who shot him. >>: he was shot right behind me just beyond the red car at about midnight the police officers left the scene about 10 minutes ago here's video that we got right after happen. they're still searching for the suspect. we do know that he was right here at this location just off waterworn he was shot at least two times the the head even those they remained that he
8:04 am
does survive the injuries. it was about a quarter mile away from the church people the area may have heard the screen with a gunshot they were the ones to do the multiple phone calls into the place apartment. they admitted them into the hospital rest of it to surgery and he is expected to survive even though he was shot in the face. at this point they're still talking to witnesses they don't have a motive behind the shooting but we do know there was 26 evidence markers on the scene. but were not sure of what and when exactly he was shot. >>: his name is not the release to the public even though it appears that the sheriff's department does though we is. they're not giving us even a generic description of who he is. but he is not a resident of red city. >>: secretary state john kerry is traveling to egypt today hoping to push away fire from a
8:05 am
little east. the soldiers were killed yesterday's two were american citizens. the health officials say that israel take shows in the hospital and the central vase of strep killing two and four people and will be 60. >>: we of the war with the people of gaza once again today that israel agree to cease fire up the third time the district except it and rejected the unitarian cease-fire. bell a city firefighter people have they killed their concern about the rising death toll. >>: up the violence of the little least protest of the way back into the bay area services " reporters of the palestinians as well as israel have both spoke out. >>: israel as a bombarding us.
8:06 am
both sides say they continue to use rallies is there for cisco's long as the conflict continues to redevelop the made what is to shop the played out of the sky. -- plane , spoke with the prime minister of the rebel group they say that the rebel is in possession of the plane. >>: authorities say that there was a tweet connected to the deity of that says your forces have taken control of their russian vessels the stall that it took from ukraine they expected conversations bragging that they're taking a double play so we have the tweet of the conversations and the pictures that all points here forces how you did i hope that it was your
8:07 am
forces that propel the plane. bella is very simple to approve this all the information came through the internet >>: it was shot last thursday killing forger and 90 people aboard. >>: of the above the kron 4 morning news this floor is hours after learning members of their police force has tried to the kkk will have that story. >>: will hear from los to watch this happen and will helleri run for the 2016 president or won't she. >>: take a live look here the san mateo bridge this traffic is looking hey, if you could be any dinosaur, which would you be?
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they've just come up here and the surfaces go with the disabled truck north from one no one the right lane as plot and this is a new direction of the morning commute. residents of the small force have shocked by the recent disclosure of the two members of the police force our queues are part of been the " close klan. what police of assert denied the accusation. -- kkk the third officer resigned after his clan resigned. >>: of massive sinkhole saturday
8:11 am
night in florida nobody was hurt but several homes had been evacuated naval a swatch as the growth plate caved in. >>: nothing can lot of it the cold just sat there. >>: the sidewalk and the road was correct at least one home was damage. >>: humidity and high society missile sprinkles reported the north bay this morning will have a complete look a the forecast as it comes up this morning. hey pal? you ready?
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you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. \ it will give you a stepping stone to start again so you have by close immediately elected five blankets immediately. the county sheriff says there could be a hundred 500 loss with the delegates all tally. >>: the weather forecasts were way for the sunshine. thereupote
8:15 am
average resident now as close that's clear in the rich area has also cleared were to take a look at the traffic maps as a couple incidence tracking right down including north far more toward where the right way is blocked this morning and there's also a door incident and salsa for cisco and south from waterworn itself airport boulevard it also est. 380 this is the dearth of new direction is causing some backups and delays this morning. let's take a look at the vaporish it's now clear that's the good news the others traffic heading into the city it's pretty slow and measured with a carpool lanes as a group fast-track and also the cassoulet is the slow to ride
8:16 am
all the 40. san mateo as a trouble-free that's a good boost here's a look of the golden gate bridge and it's also bad problem free with easy traffic going in and out of the city this morning. >>: it is cloudy we saw that the cameras were say that of the satellite perspective to the combination of the to. we get a better idea of where the moisture is within those clouds. the moisture has been tracking over the north bay yesterday and this morning right now or not see much of a raid at all where revocable torsos three goals early this morning similar to what we saw yesterday. the rest of the bay area's looky are ripe it is tried but were up a cloudy out there. >>: services calls lined up for having problems with services co international there's problems with delays of the national flight. temperatures of a mile
8:17 am
side refer lysias 68 thou with a word for the upper 60s of the map there were also say covers '60s is set for cisco right now. here's where temperatures will be in after do. 79 feel 87 of a valid. in the east bay again the low 80s the moltke dishes and the delta and the livermore valley. dublin will pay it basically be in the upper seventies this afternoon with low seventies. oakland 73 doubt of services was not bad. we got ocean beach at 62 source mile throw surfaces go and to the north they look through mid the upper '70's generally for a lot of our valleys. here's your
8:18 am
seventh day run of a forecast going further and time going into tuesday today will be a similar day--today's new be similar to what we had today. as we headed to thursday and friday were looking for a warm-up. it we are looking for conditions to get to the mid 90's saturday and sunday far in the communes. >>: president obama as discussed in the u.k. russia conflict. >>: tried to reroute the correct audio so weaken rewire would be saying. we still have the spanish base. that does not help was there. will others are wary sega will give you the very latest. >>: presidenshe says that in her
8:19 am
fissured to run is entirely up to her. hillary with the senate of york and i told her in 26 years you've been a lot of sacrifices so i'll give you the backs fuse. and if i see you world level fight about that. we're just a little more halfway through the 26 years. whenever she was as fine with me. >>: she's taking questions today for facebook users. the former secretary of state is also uphold a extreme twitter chat. >>: will try was again listening to president obama. who recover the dave's of those to the loss of four surely the russians who
8:20 am
control the area continued of glop investigation. they repeatedly provided national avesta gators from getting a whole access to the wreckage the investigators approach they fire the weapons into the air they remove evidence from the crash site all of which the basic question of what they're trying to hide? phelp they're removing bodies from the crash site often turns without the care we would normally expect from a tragedy like this. this is an insult to those who've lost love was. this is the kind of behavior that has the place in the community of nations. russia has extraordinary influence over these and no one denies that. russia has tree that and we know that russia has curve them with military quebec and a weapons
8:21 am
key separatist leaders are russia's citizens so give it is direct influence russia and president pled a particular has direct responsibility with the investigation that is the least that they could do. president will is says they support the full and fair investigation i appreciate those words but they have been supported by actions. they have to stop terror pre with evidence their investigators to aria the ground it be a full id of pierre access to the crash site. they're responsible for the safety of their investigators doing their work along with their allies in congress that we will be working with the issue the audacious today. more
8:22 am
broadly accepted of this crisis and the crisis in u.k. general. >>my purpose continues to be finding a diplomatic resolution. i believe that it still happened and it's my preference today and will continue read our preference if russia continues to violate ukraine's and basses the separate and they become more more dangerous but the a national community air russia will be fertilized the committee as the cause for russia's behavior wall the continue to a crease. now it's time for president food in russia to give away from this tragedy the their ticket. let's give serious about resolving as the hostilities with ukraine in respect the
8:23 am
people to make their own decisions. bill time is of lesser to be a little recover those or lost. that's the least their remains. families deserve some of lather loved ones with dignity. and people of the creed deserve to determine their own future. >>: up president obama with express a very frustration is with the u.s. the rule the world about the parole russian with access to of the crash site. they're also looking for resolution of the contract between russia and ukraine will fall that developing story and other top stories will we come back to
8:24 am
heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:29 let's check in with annneyie and see if the commute is getting better. >> reporter: we have hot spots in the oakland area where we have a accident with injuries. west wound 24 before 580 westbound with the right and center lanes are blocked. this is in the oakland area. another accident is just popped up in the south bay in the san jose area northbound 280 before saratoga avenue where the rightshoulder is affected and you can see traffic is backed up and delayed. looking at other hot spots southbound 101 at south airport boulevard and right shoulder is blocked and this is impacting the commute because this is a commute direction you can see some delays here and also just
8:31 am
where the accident is. heading a little farther north into san francisco, we have a disabled struck northbound 101 before cesar shah chez -- chavez with the right lane blocked and this is tilely -- the direction for the pokes-- for folks indicating major backups. we will go over to james who is drizzle and maybe a little rain good morning. >> a little bit. yeah. this is the picture that on twaisht this is in marin city and he caught sprinkles and this is indicative of what you areexperiencing this morning here and there. sprinkles are hit and miss and that's how it will be for most of the morning. seek storm tracker view on radar and there's not much to report. there's no green but every now and then you might get a little pop or springel. that's the monday -- sprinkle. that's the monsoonal moisture strom across for better part of
8:32 am
yesterday and this morning -- streaming across the better part of yesterday and this morning. this is what we are seeing you can see the fog hanging heavy over the span and you can't make out the towers really. just the bottom portion of the south tower and that's what you are driving into as you wake up and head out there marin county. temperatures this afternoon should be nice. we are looking for partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies later today especially inland where temperatures will be in the upper 70s to lower 80s with mid to upper 70s in the north bay. we will have a complete look at forecast coming up at 8:45. guys. >> thanks 8:32 right now. and our developing story triple murder charges stacking up for the surviving suspect in last week's running gun battle with police after a bank robbery in stockton. the san with a keen county da says they will find those -- san joaquin da says they will find the charges for the death of the two other bank robbers and the hostage misty home the singh another 22 counts of attempted murder of police
8:33 am
officers will be filed against him. the three murder charges would make ramos eligible for a death cents if convicted. detectives believe one of the suspects in witness's heisthad -- wednesday's heist robbed the same bank on -- january. surveillance video helped them make the link. it's not clear if the other two suspects from witness's robbery were involved in that -- wednesday's robbery were involved in the robbery. a former classmate of samuel true sheos caught them off guard. >> i always known him and never caused any problem and always calm and nice. >> there's no word on the fourth suspect who investigators believe gave the three men a ride to the bank. a garbage truck crashes and downs power lines in newark and teresa is on the scene. >> reporter: good morning.
8:34 am
i am out here in newark on the scene of the major accident in newark where a semitruck slammed into a passenger vehicle. i am joined by newark police officer sergeant macias can you explain to me what the details are right now about this? >> we were dispatched out here at about 4:30 a.m. this morning and it was a waste management vehicle was driving southbound on newark boulevard here approaching bell haven and the vehicle collided with a parked vehicle and a tree and some power lines were affected and hot power lines. they have been rendered safe by pge and we are work object getting the vehicle out of roadway and cleaning up any mess.>> reporter: my understanding is that it's anticipated that it's going to be several hours before this actual major thorough fare is reopened why is that. >> it could be up to two hours at this point. we have got alameda county fire
8:35 am
responding out and pg&e and you can see the tow companies working on removing the vehicle and cleaning up the street for diesel spill. >> reporter: can i smell some of the diesel fuel. there's agent put on the ground but it's going take sometime before everything is picked up. >> absolutely i think there was more spilled than initially had been prepared for. so, there's going to be alameda county fire coming out to clean up the additional waste that's there. >> reporter: the driver surprisingly and fortunately was not majorly impacted by this. >> no he sustained minor injuries and he's been transported to a local hospital and he is being treated for that now. >> thanks very much for joining us sergeant appreciate that. now back to you guys in the studio from newark teresa astacio. a police awarding of a gam involving gold bars a woman was outside a k-mart when man apropped and said he wanted to sell gold bar with 10,000 dollars for 5,000 dollars
8:36 am
because he need the money. a second man approached the woman acted like he was interested and said he could verify that it was in fact gold. the victim bought the bar which turned out to be fake. police say the suspects are hispanic man ages 60 and 35. really? you have a gold bar? >> a scam. >> starting today you will have to pay more to fly. the tsa is raising the september 11th security fee. so the fee is going up and that means it will go onto your plane tickets. $5.60 tacked on to the nonstop flights and connecting flights and that's double what it used to be 2.50. it is part of a budget deal vy?k#÷v[m>çmq'?÷ the federal deficit. coming up on the kron4 news many 9lw@émañ8(0l[k on tying the knot. >> reporter: the game that might be more fun than flappy bird and a new way to store gift cards on the smart phone. more apps to know coming up in the tech report. >> and a live look at the roof camera in san francisco.
8:37 am
cloudy skies and a little drizzle in pockets around the bay. more on the weather forecast and a few traffic hot spots ahead.
8:38 am
8:39 am
welcome back a few more hot spots including a disabled vehicle in the north bay northbound 101 at golden gate vista point causing some delays but this is the noncommute direction. in the east bay, an accident
8:40 am
with injuries westbound 24 before 580 westbound there's improvement all lanes reopened this morning. but we are still seeing some backup and delays as well because this is the commute direction. we are tracking another hot spot in the south bay where there's an accident northbound 280 before saratoga avenue with a right shoulder is affected. and there are delays as a result of this accident as well. more details on the hot spots and more coming up later but first, here's mark. >> all right thanks. when eye comes to -- when it comes to marriage millenials are on track to have the loathest -- lowest rate of marriage. if the pace continues more than 30% of millenial women will be unmarried by 40 nearly twice the chair of the jen x counterparts. there's several reasons. more americans are living together without getting married and some are raising families just without the wedding rings. and now many people feel they have to be more established
8:41 am
financially before they walk down the aisle which is harder to do given the recession. >> so basically the kids are saying marriage is old school kind of. >> no plus 40 is that and they will live longer than we will. >> to the kids cash are the stocks. forget stock market they don't like it. they like cold hard cash a survey from bank says americans 18 to 29 years old young people they are three times more likely to keep their long-term investments in the form of cash. rather than in the stock market. about a quarter of those shows real estate is the top choice continue to vest but just 13% -- to invest but 13% picked the stock market. >> we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. we are waiting for sunshine around bay. reports of a few light showers around as well we will have an update on 6txm'agu(i and the tech report coming up.
8:42 am
=f]p information. so tim is it safe to say that the irs is not going sit back and way for payments if you-owe monday why. >>i don't know but they are not known for patients and they have unlimited resources to help you get caught up. and i think this year as there will be 450 billion in taxes if not paid on time and with the debt ticking higher i think they will be getting a little more aggressive in their collection process. >> you mentioned resources so what do you mean? >> well, they have got wage garnishments and tax levies and assets seizures. >> what kind of assets. >> everything. checking accounts savings accounts insurance retirements boats cars and even your home is up for grabs. >> so if people are out there and they owe the irs money tim what do they need to do. >> get help. they need to know they have options and need to know help is out there and a professional
8:43 am
on their side. irs has a help lien but i don't feel they will give outanswersbest for you a tax consultant attorney settlement or resolution firm like ours where we can help arrange payments based on aforrability or in some cases we can negotiate an offer in comprise compromise where you could set for a traction of -- fraction-- compromise where you could settle for a fraction of what you owe. >> that's great. all right. so what do people do to start. >> i always recommend at least a call to us to let douse a quick analysis of the situation and fast before penalties and interest get you in the hole deeper. >> great advice. if you owe more than 10,000 dollars to the irs call on the matax relief find out if you qualify to reissue back taxes.
8:44 am
>> every month hundreds of new apps come out and in today's tech report rich is highlighting some new and noteables in his apps to know. >> reporter: this time around i found great new apps including a game that is more addictive than flappy bird and a simple way to score gift card on your smart fon but first let's start with one of the favorite acts call sunrise. there's so much to love about the app. everything from a simple design to the way it integrates information from a variety of services. sunrise pulls in data from
8:45 am
facebook trip it and linked in and twitter and four square vital information is in one place. you can add over 25,000interesting public calendars to your base. next up, gooseel -- google wallet it never took off as a way to pay but it has evolved with useful features. i use it to store loyalty cards and it couldn't be easier. scan the bar code and it recognizes retailers. then when you are in a store it reminds you to use your card. just add the ability to store gift cards so they are ready to redeem. if you have an android you need a agent that helps you manage function like the multisight man. saves your battery remembers where you park and silences the phone during meetings. but my two favorite features how it keeps your phone quiet while sleeping. but still lets important calls and texts go through. driver assist responds to text
8:46 am
to let folks know you are driving. it can even read messages outloud. finally the game that might be more fun than flappy bird. timberman the mission chop down trees without getting hit by branches. it's challenging and simple and fun. plus i love the music on this game now don't say i didn't warn you. it's tough to put down. all the apps are available for android and ios with theexception of agents go to the website the tech with apps to know i am rich demuiro. still tracking a few incidents and around the bay air -- area. northbound 101 at golden gate vista point, and it's causing some minor delays and backups here this morning. if we look at the golden gate bridge you can see no major delays on the bridge in either direction. but it's cloudy out there and you may see wet roadways.
8:47 am
james will talk about that in a minute but first some of the other spots we are tracking and accident with injuries westbound 24 in the oakland area before 580 westbound. have reopened this morning in the oakland area. you can still see that traffic has been impacted and there are minors delays. also, tracking this hot respondan accident northbound 208 before saratoga-- 280 before saratoga the right lane is affected and there's been some improvement to the right here but looks like we are seeing some backup and delay. and one last but not least in south san francisco, there's an accident in the southbound 101 area at south airport boulevard where the right shoulder ,
8:48 am
overhead yesterday. and you can see that plume of moisture stretching from the sierra up near lake tahoe across the north bay valley sort of cutting across the top half of california as we push in you will see closer to home there are few bits and pieces of green but pushing in closer and look at storm tracker 4 it's not materializing at ground level except in the form of maybe some light mist and drizzle here and there. kron4 will took a picture of the windshield. for the north bay that's what you can spec. let's look at the view from the ground. and here's the shot from our roof in san francisco looking out over downtown there's the transamerica building ants top is poking up into the low cloud cover causing problems out at sfo. last check it was 92 minutes arrival delay. 1 hour 32 minutes delay for flights coming in and no problems at san jose and oakland but san francisco international have some slight delays because of the low ceiling. temperatures in the mid-60s.
8:49 am
upper 60s in san francisco. 68 there but about everybody else around 6 of so fairly -- 66 so fairly uniformed in temperatures. this afternoon we will see some spreading of the numbers here. we will look for 76 in fremont but 86 near the valley so that's a temperature drinks. 82 for -- difference. 28 for santa clara and partly cloudy skies in the east bay mostly sunny for the valleys. the delta upwards of 82 to 84 degrees. low 80s for livermore valley. upper 70s and partly cloudy along the east bay shoreline with temperatures from 64 in richmond to 73 degrees in downtown oakland. san francisco, well, in the financial district about 68 degrees. and partly cloudy skies. a little cloudier at the coast with temperatures dropping but not by much. 62 at ocean beach and north bay temperatures roughly in the mid to upper 70s so we are doing all right on that front. the 7-day around the bay-- forecast. conditions look good into the next couple days mild but by
8:50 am
wednesday temperatures turn and climb heading into thursday and friday with inland highs breaching the mid-90s for saturday and sunday. that's the weather. >> all right and what's the entertainment a lot happened over the weekend in show business land and you know some. >> let's check in with michael yo from the insider live with us this morning from his office good morning michael. >> reporter: good morning. okay i got some good stuff for you. i am going to start off with jay-z and beyonce. new york post is saying they could be over. yes the relationship could be done. a close source says that they are together only for the reason they are on tour they are on the run tour right now and can't separate right now because there's too much money paid to them up front and they thought blue ivy would save the marriage and it did for a while but now they have lost that love again and this is according to a close source. so we will see how that plays out. but i think it's just all rumors but the new york post is
8:51 am
saying this could happen. and any time there's drama in beyonce's life they come out with something to divert everyone's attention and they did come out with a 50 shades of gray trailor put on beyonce's instagram account so it could be a distraction to get us off court. >> so we have a new marriage adam levine got marriage officiated by jonah hill they want to make it a joke? >> reporter: i think that's crazy. stevie nick performed and he perform at his wedding 275 gepts and this is for fellows hottie bride's maids all victoria secret models. >> so they walked down the aisle or runway i think is the question. >> exactly -- >> reporter: exactly. >> are you officially married if jonah hill pairies -- mayor ious -- miries you. >> reporter: i don't -- marries you. >> reporter: i don't know.
8:52 am
that's crazy but. >> and another question are you really at the insider like in a bathroom with sign behind you what is that a closet? >> reporter: what is up with you. dmoosh what's up with you. >> reporter: i am-- >> what's up with you. >> reporter: that's my office and it's dark and it's lonely so, get out of here. >> okay. >> let me interview the rock and he has a movie coming out. >> reporter: he is coming out with hercules this thing if you like super hero and iconic i save the world this is the perfect movie for youch the rock is a -- you. the rock is awesome and so nice he gained 30 pounds of muscle and i am 6-3, 210 pounds and he made me look like i was a little kid when i was next to him. >> he is cut all right. >> look at them battle the serpent. so you can check out all theentertainment news on insider. and on entertainment tonight right here on kron4.
8:53 am
we will be right back.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
i guess you can throw out the diet today, today ising in a ago young-- national junk food day and national creme brulee day. the average american eats 25 pounds of candy and 45 slyss of pizza every year. what's your favorite junk food tweet with us kron4 news hash tag and we will put together a list. >> i love creme brulee but no one makes it. >> i keep a blow torch on hand. >> you and george oh my gosh. >> all right meantime, james is over with the orioles and is making cake balls he loves those. this really puts the sand in san diego. san diego sculptures. on the beach there and this is all part of a california imperial beach contest they had it on the beach in-- they had
8:57 am
tv shows and movies as inspiration and for some of the castels and they were more traditional and it's the sun and sea festival that wrapped up on saturday. >> a rival event on the east coast the best sculptors showing off their skills national sand sculpting festival in massachusetts. it's an annual competition that draws a half a million visitors to see the amazing works produced only with sand. and coming up top stories we are following a quarter of a million acres burned in the pacific northwest the fire burning in to canada and dozens of homes destroyed. we will have the latest on the huge fire. plus financial expert in winners and losers on wall street and we are watching weather and traffic around the bay a lot of fog at golden gate and drizzle with rain showers overhead. plus we are tracking several hot spots in traffic we will be right back in two minutes with the kron4 morning news continues.
8:58 am
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sa thi.hmmm. th hasluebries straerri and eam eesecing sayhat,oo. yu he ved
9:00 am
this morning on the kron4 news investigators investigating a shooting, a man shot in the face and head. frustrations continue to degree over many unanswered questions about the attack on the malaysia airlines flight 17. and we're watching weather this morning, cloudy conditions over the bay, san francisco showing overcast. we're seeing it elsewhere too. full forecast straight ahead. good morning. >> let's get right to traffic. we are tracking several hotspots on this monday morning. >> we had a new one in the eastbay impacting westbound 24 at the tunnel right now where there's an accident and the right bore is blocked. again the right bore blocked westbound 24 and it is causing delays as you can see heading westbound and this is the commute direction, so if you haven't left the house by now, and you've got to go through the tunnel i would say stay
9:01 am
home if you can, work from home if you can because it may take you a lot longer to get across 24 and into the oakland berkeley area or even into season francisco until this accident clears up. we're also tracking another accident in the oakland piedmont area where there's an accident with injuries westbound 24 as well, before 580 westbound but the good news all lanes are open. more details on your traffic coming up but first we've got james with your forecast. good morning james. >> we'll start with a live look at storm tracker 4 because we have been tracking some sprinkles throughout the morning, mainly in the north bay, showing up in the form of just heaviness and drizzle on your windshield. it's not coming down, you don't need an umbrella but if you are driving through it you may need to run the wipers now and again as you make your ride through the morning this morning. this is what it looks like outside. no surprise that the mist is collecting on the windshield here as you look at the golden great bridge of what we can see of it, can't make out the
9:02 am
towers, this afternoon a different story looking for partly cloud toy mostly sunny skies with temperatures warming up to the upper 70s to low 80s for many inland locations, looking at mid to upper 70s and downtown san francisco should be around 68 degrees. that's just a quick look at the forecast. we'll come back with a complete check of the weather at 9:15. guys? also happening right now the president is participating in a town hall meeting focusing on the importance of education. abc is in washington d.c. right now. >> announcing six of the nations largest school districts are joining in this initiative to improve the educational futures of young african american and hispanic boys from preschool to graduation. we heard from the president earlier this morning talking about an executive order that he signed, granting more federal rights to the lgbt community and the president also talking this morning about the crisis in ukraine and the urgency to let the international community into examine the wreckage of malaysian flight 17. in other news in the bay area, developing story out of marin city where the search
9:03 am
continues for a suspect who shot a man several times in the face and head. it happened shortly before midnight in a neighborhood just off of 101, kron4 will tran is at the scene and he spoke to a woman who heard the gun shots. >> reporter: the search continues for whoever shot a mana round midnight and it happened right behind me beyond that red car. at this point police don't know a motive but we do know he was shot at mes at this location off of coal drive and drake avenue which is right off of 101, after being shot, amazingly he staggers about a quarter mile away from this location, goes to a church, it was the public who heard the extremes, shooting possibly, they were the ones who called the police department, they came out here within a minute and rushed a man to the hospital and rushed him into surgery and he should survive his injuries. >> my son he's gone. he said he heard someone say after he heard the shot he heard somebody say "help,
9:04 am
help." they shot him. since it was so close i was like oh, is that my cousin over there, what? i didn't know so i got dressed and came out here. >> did you hear any arguing before the shots were fired? >> no. just the shots. >> did you hear a car speed off or anything? >> no. >> at this point they don't have the suspect description or a motive, they are working with the public to find out exactly how the suspect got away. as far as the victim they know who he is. they don't want to release his name but they do tell us that he is not from marin city. reporting from marin city, will tran, kron4 news. secretary of state john kerry is traveling tow script pushing for a cease fire in the middle east. 13 israeli soldiers were killed in this explosion on sunday, two of them were u.s. citizens, including this man, max steinberg from los angeles and today a palestinian health official say a hospital was hit in central gaza killing four
9:05 am
people wounding 60. officials say the death toll is over 500. >> we have no wall with the people of gaza. once again today, israel agreed to a cease fire, the third time that israel accepted and hamas rejected a humanitarian cease fire. >> israel invaded gaza with a ground troop invasion to try and plug up these tunnels and stop rocket fire from gaza into israel. the u-n security council expressed concern about the rising death toll and called for an end to the violence. people in the bay area are concerned about the rising death toll too. these people in san francisco are supporters of the palestinians as well as supporters of israel. people on both sides speaking out against the escalating violence. >> we have to support these because israel is a very very small country and it's being attacked from all fronts. >> i can not understand why israel is bombarding gaza. >> and again, we just heard the
9:06 am
israelis saying they've accepted three cease fires but the fighting continues and the people here say their rallies will continue too. there's still many unanswered questions about the attack on malaysian airlines flight 17. the main one is who shot the plane out of the sky. pro-russian accept are tests control the area but they are still denying responsibility. chris kromo spoke with a self- declared leader of a rebel group and asked him about reports that the rebels are in possession of the planes black boxes. >> ukraine and western intelligence authorities say there was a tweet connected to the dpr that said your forces had taken control of a russian missle system that took from ukraine, that they've intercepted conversations bragging that they had taken down the plane so if you have the tweet and the conversations and the pictures that all point to your forces, how do you deny that it was your forces that brought down the plane? >> it is very simple to disprove it. all of the information that
9:07 am
comes through the internet in my opinion is practically allies. >> all mission airlines flight 17 shot down last thursday killing 298 people. everyone on board, president obama commenting on new sanctions against russia this morning, saying that if russia continues to back accept are tests in ukraine the cost to russia will increase. and the president is also going to be awarding the nations highest military honor to a soldier, who risked his life to save fellow troops in afghanistan. in the early morning hours of july 13, 2008 army staff sergeant ryan pits and his unit were attacked by about 200 taliban insurgents. after surviving a grenade explosion, sargent pits crawled to a forward position and tossed back short fused grenades at the enemy. unable to stand because he had leg injuries, he grabbed the machine gun and fired blindly over a wall. he radioed for help but none came and he continued to fight alone believing he wasn't going to survive, sargent pits used a grenade launcher to take out as many taliban as he could.
9:08 am
we'll be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. relief efforts under way in washington state. a wildfire burning a quarter of a million acres. we'll have the latest video coming up. and watching tolds winners and losers on wall street. a big drop in the market concerns overseas, we'll talk about that ahead. a live look at the cinema say o bridge still dealing with clouds and a few pockets of heavy drizzle around the bay. we'll have more on weather and traffic ahead. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
9:09 am
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welcome back. a hotspot we're still following out in the eastbay. this is the westbound 24 at the tunnel where the right four is blocked and it's causing pretty big delays here up until almost 580 into the oakland area so again there's an accident westbound 24 the tunnel right bore is blocked and could take awhile for this area to clear out. we'll keep you posted on any developments. james? also following the latest developments with your weather forecast here is just a quick glimpse at where our afternoon highs will be. we'll come back and walk you through it in detail in just a minute. we're here at total medical centers, doctor how common is hormone imbalance? >> it very common. nearly one in four men over the
9:12 am
age of 30 have low testosterone. >> and what are those symptoms that come with hormone imbalance? >> the symptoms can include fatigue, depression, weight gain. >> i've got to imagine there's serious health concerns if these conditions were left untreated? >> actually can lead to pretty serious problems like heart attack, stroke, diabetes and bone loss. >> what is the treatment here? >> what we do is measure the patients blood levels of the hormones in the office and then we're able to replace the hormone with an exact amount for each patient depending on their needs. we use identical hormones. >> that is important information, doctor. total medical centers is offering a complimentary consultation. give them a call at 408-226- 2099.
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9:14 am
wildfires have burned near ally quarter million acres in washington state and across-the- board erin canada. fires destroyed about 80 homes and an entire town of 650 people has been evacuated and over the border in a canadian town another 2500 people were evacuated and with so many people affected volunteers are stepping into help. >> it will give you a stepping stone to start again because you don't have to buy clothes immediately. you don't have to buy blankets immediately. >> the county sheriff says there could be as many as 150 homes lost when the fire is all done and the damage has been tallied. live here in the traffic center now, the damage is done on the commute you've got hotspots. >> we do and we have an update
9:15 am
here for the caldecot tunnel where we have an accident. the chp initially thought it was a westbound direction. they just updated it and it's the eastbound direction on 24 at the caldecot tunnel where the left lane is blocked so it's not westbound. they just updated it to be eastbound direction on highway 24 at the caldecot tunnel so you can see right now, you know the eastbound direction this morning is not the commute direction but the non-commute direction of the westbound, this is where we actually have still more delays maybe folks who are looking at the accident as they're heading into the city or heading westbound they may be stopping and causing those delays so again there is some impact on the westbound direction even though the eastbound is what's impacted, again at the caldecot tunnel where the left lanes are blocked. other hotspots we're following include this accident with injuries westbound 24 before 580, westbound where all lanes have now reopened in the
9:16 am
piedmont oakland area. there was also a disabled vehicle northbound 101 at golden gate vista point though i believe this has cleared and is no longer an incident this morning. let's take a look at your bridges start with the bay bridge right now where you can see the cash lanes are still backed up right here, as far folks heading into the city and across the bridge it is slow moving but we are incident free now. san mateo bridge has been no problems this morning and we are incident free and either directions are moving just fine here and for the golden gate, looks like also no problems here. we are incident free. time is 9:16. here is james with your weather. good morning. >> thank you, and we'll begin with a break down of the weather for today and what we expect going forward with our headline so today we had some north bay sprinkles, not a lot. in fact it came down mop as a heavy drizzle or a light drizzle than anything else. mild and muggy this afternoon, tomorrow morning clouds and fog just like we had this morning, still on the mild side but then things begin to warm up as we
9:17 am
head to the weekend and that will be the headline for the rest of the week. things getting warmer. let's talk about what's happening now. the satellite radar view, cloud cover and the potential for sprinkle or two in the north bay and until maybe mid morning and then that will dissipate. right now we're only seeing cloud cover over san francisco, low enough there are problems at sfo, one and a half hour delays for arriving flights. temperatures also slowly warming 70 in hayward, 69 fairfield, 67 in san jose so approaching if not surpassing the 70-degree mark by a degree or two. this is what we will expect later this afternoon. upper 70s to low 80s for south bay community 82 for santa clara, 79 san jose, 87 for the valley and eastbay it will also be a mild one for you with inland ties getting up to the low 80s for the delta and livermore valley. expect mid to upper 70s for the san ramone valley and san leandro, 73 degrees and that's exactly what we're expecting in downtown oakland as well. 68 in san francisco and in the north bay it will be 70s for
9:18 am
you, 77 in nappa, 76 petaluma, 79 in san raphael. here is the seven day around the bay forecast, mild for the next couple days, we begin to warm it up slightly wednesday and thursday, friday and into the weekend inland highs climb back into the 90s. that is your weather forecast. watching todays winners and losers on wall street with our financial expert rob black and stocks hit over global fears. >> yeah, and they got hit thursday when the malaysian airliner went down and there was problems with israel and going on in the middle east. friday they went up and monday they go down, so it's tough to figure out the global tensions how it's going to play out tomorrow. it could all go away. that's probably not likely scenario, in any way, shape or form. stocks have been running out for five and a half years and even this year we had a great year with pretty average earnings. you never know what's going to pull a market down. is it going to be this international events that are going to pull the market down 10-15%? i'd love it.
9:19 am
is it going to be earnings? i wouldn't like that but we are in earnings season so it's pretty dramatic time and is the beginning of the end of the market? no one knows. on thursday, you're right back up on friday, so be cautious on how you approach international tensions. >> with the international tensions we're seeing more sanctions on russia really squeezing all the russian billionaires. they are going to be crying to putin soon. >> yeah, and what we need to take out of this is the sanctions will work at some point in time. we believe that the last dictator in europe has fallen and it's not going to be putin. with that said he's kind of a bully and he has this vision of russia getting back together pre-split up that they had it seems again i'm not an expert on international affairs so i'll shut up right now but we for instance put a big sanction on oao novatech, which is a big gas company and what this means is they can't borrow money from the u.s. mark es and use debt financing from our markets, anything longer than 30 days so they are complaining and if they don't have access to money
9:20 am
they don't have access to paying their employees or access to their employees that gets back to putin, so sanctions will work, likely. unless putin has a really deep war chest he's not telling anyone about. >> let's talk about google and they found a use for all those old pay phones in new york city. >> there was a big bid for this. they won companies like cisco also put in bids for these old phones. who uses these anymore, right? part of the deal is they have to keep the phone functioning, but they are going to be turning them into wi-fi hotspots where you basically will get put on as long as you're using internet access for free. it's going to be in all five burroughs. you wonder how will it not be vandalized? that's part of the trick they have to put together at this point in time but most americans now have cell phones and with that who needs little pay phones? don't they look kind of fun any superman, where is he going to change? >> that's a really good point so we should keep them around. >> we should. a story from bank
9:21 am
a survey they had showing millenials don't seem to trust the stock market and like to keep their investments in cash. >> keep in mind, millenials are 18 years old all the way up to about 26-29 around that and if you think about that all they seen is dot com in boston 2000 and there was a financial crisis in 2008. they still have the highest unemployment from 18-25-year- olds of all citizens in america, they are coming out of college with a lot of debt. their job markets unsteady so it makes sense they are keeping a little bit more cash when compared with others, it wasn't that much. generation x is abboomers are a cash millenials are about 40% so it's not that much of a story but again, i spoke at visa last year and i was surprised how many people fund a 401 (k) and they never pick a stock selection. you can go with a lifeline, a target fund, there was a lot of people who had all cash in their accounts as if they didn't want to be bothered with it. >> but just having cash, aren't
9:22 am
you losing 3% a year whatever the inflation rate is? just your money is shrinking right even though the dollar amounts stay the same? >> you're correct. the value of the dollar shrinks with inflation so inflation averages 2-3% a year so anything you prepay your morton you lose 2-3%. anything in cash you lose 2-3% so you need to be getting wage inflation to offset the disinflation in this case losing its value of the dollar or so. millenials the sad part is they're young and an extra 7-14 years in the stock market sometimes is the difference between 300,000 becoming 600 or 300,000 becoming 1.2 million. it's a big decision. >> thank you, rob. if you have a question, post it on his facebook fan page and we'll answer it on kron4. we'll be right back.
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that's good. and it's gluten free. so we're jumping for joy cause it's full of what we love, free of what we don't. and that makes for one very happy family. chex. full of what you love. free of what you don't. 9:25 right now and hollywood lost a legend over the weekend. actor james garner died of natural causes saturday night at his home in brentwood.
9:26 am
>> the 86 year old actor commanded both the big and small screens. michelle turner has a lock at his career. >> reporter: acting never came easy for james garner, born james bomguarder the actor described himself as a painfully shy introvert. >> mind over matter. i literally had to do it, things, you know if you can't have this attitude and be an actor and i had to change. >> garner pursued acting after dropping out of school to join the merchant marine. later in the army, he earned two purple hearts, fighting in the korean war. he got his big acting break in 1957 as the lead in the off beat western series maverick. >> i never liked westerns on television and we stuck our tongue in our cheeks and made them laugh a little bit and smile and i think there was the difference. >> garner moved easily between television and film even before that became the rule for
9:27 am
actors. the 1966 film grand prix provided a glimpse into one of garner's long time fascinations, auto racing. the versatile actor played the role of jim rockford in detective series the rockford files in 1974. he won an emmy award in 1977 for his iconic role and continued to work after the show ended its six year run. he shined in films like victor victoria and murphy's romance which brought garner a nomination for best actor oscar. >> i'm not a life guard. i not your dutch uncle. >> his career came full circle in the early 90s when he took a supporting role in a movie based on maverick playing the father of his original character. and in an hbo production of barbarian's at the gate in 2000 he was back on the big screen in the action film space cowboys. the easygoing actor returned to television in the comedy eight simple rules in 2003.
9:28 am
the following year, he co- starred in the notebook. the romantic drama was an instant hit and en deered garner to a new audience. >> i read to her and she remembers. >> garner's ability to excell in both television and film made him an easy choice to be honored by the screen actors guild with a lifetime achievement award in 2004. the father of two who remained married to his life for nearly 60 years won't soon be forgotten.
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back. 9:30 is the time now want to check in with annie and get an update on the commute. >> good morning. we are looking at the hotspot here at caldecot tunnel where i'll take you to the traffic maps and let's clear this here and we'll talk about golden gate in just a minute but you can see on the traffic maps we still have this accident, its now been changed back to westbound 24 at the caldecot tunnel where the right bore is blocked. they changed it back from eastbound to the westbound
9:31 am
direction of 24 and that's what makes sense because this is where we do have a delay and backup still indicated by the red for those folks heading into oakland and it may be a good idea to avoid this area for a little bit until they clear the scene but it looks like they may be clearing the scene pretty quickly here. another hotspot, we were just tracking multi-vehicle accident in the south bay around the milpedes area a multi-vehicle accident southbound 880 where the right lane was blocked but it looks like it's moments ago they had just cleared this scene and this incident is now closed. let's take a quick look at the golden gate bridge now where you can see it is cloudy and fogged in but traffic moving smoothly in both directions. more details on your forecast with james. good morning. >> good morning. i'll start with that exact camera because following the progress of this fog as its been getting thicker through the golden gate and now to the point where you can't even make out the towers so that kind of disappears off into the fog and that's why traffic as you might
9:32 am
imagine is taking a little bit slower to cross that span. visibility on the poor side and of course you get that mist and drizzle collecting on the windshield. temperatures right now 68 in san francisco, upper 70s as well for oakland, san jose, concord, livermore, santa rosa slowly climbing up on the thermometer as well, 60 degrees not too long ago now 63. here is a glimpse where temperatures will be this afternoon. for the most part locking for partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies for inland neighborhoods north bay, eastbay, south bay, all of them in the upper 70s to low 80s for most of the inland communities. a little cooler in north bay, downtown san francisco looking at 68 degrees. again a quick glimpse at the forecast. we'll be back at 9:45 and walk you through it in detail. thank you, james. a garbage truck crashes and downs power lines in new york this morning. kron4 is on the scene with details. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. i'm here in newark on the scene of this major accident where a semi truck slammed into a
9:33 am
passenger vehicle and i'm joined by newark police officer sargent mesias. can you explain to me what the details are right now about this? >> we were dispatched out here at about 4:30:00 a.m. this morning. it's a waste management vehicle was driving southbound on newark boulevard here approaching ball haven. the vehicle collided with a parked vehicle and a tree, some power lines were affected, hot power lines, they've since been rendered safe by pg& e and we're just working on getting the vehicle out of the roadway at this time and cleaning up any mess. >> it's my understanding that it's anticipated there's going to be several hours before this actual major thoroughfare is reopened. why is that? >> it could be up to two hours at this point. we've got all a immediate a county fire responding out and pg& e and as you can see the tow companies working on removing the vehicle and then also cleaning up the street for
9:34 am
some diesel spill. >> i was going to say speaking of which i can kind of smell the diesel fuel. there's been some agent put down on the ground but it's just going to take some time before everything is picked up. >> absolutely. i think there was a little bit more spilled than initially had been prepared for, so there's going to be all a immediate a county fire coming out to clean up the additional waste. >> the driver surprisingly and fortunately was not majorly impacted by this. >> no, he sustained minor injuries. he's been transported to a local hospital and he's being treated for that now. >> thank you very much for joining us, sargent. appreciate that, tossing the back to you guys in studio. new this morning triple murder charges stacking up against the surviving suspect in last weeks running gun battle with police in stockton after a bank robbery. the san joaquin county da saying they are going to file those charges today against 19- year-old jaime ramos for the
9:35 am
death of the two other bank robbers and also for the death of hostage misty holt sing. another 22 counts of attempted murder of police officers is also expected to be filed. the three murder changes would make ramos eligibility for the death penalty if convicted. one of the suspects in wednesday's heist robbed the same bank in january. police are confident alex martinez was involved in the robbery at the bank of the west on january 31. he's dead now and they say surveillance video helped them make the link to martinez. it's not clear if the other two suspects from wednesday's robbery were also involved a former classmate of samuel trujillo says his actions caught everyone off guard. >> i've known him since i was little. always a chill guy, never disturbed anything, like never caused any problems at all. always very calm and nice. >> there's still no word on a fourth suspect they are looking for. investigators believe he gave the three men a ride to the bank. we're following the latest out of the mid east, two u.s. citizens are among more than a
9:36 am
dozen ill rail it soldiers killed yesterday in the escalating violence in the middle east. one was from texas, the other soldier, killed was max steinberg from los angeles. family, friends and community members gathered to hold a vigil in his honor. the native visited israel and decided to join the israeli army two years ago. >> he felt that if this was his calling that being on the sidelines or even being in the back seat was just not going to work. so he put all of his attention and focus and dedication to being the best so yes, sir he could be. >> he was a sniper. his parents say he will be buried in israel. in santa rosa a teenage boy is trying to pick up where a world war ii veteran is leaving off. the sky cross has been in place for over 30 years but it's in danger of fading away. local resident arvo canisto built that cross in 1981 for
9:37 am
those who did not return from world war ii. he is now 96 years old. teen cam ran whiteside says the current property owner plans to let the class grow over the cross, allowing it to basically disappear, so he's trying to save it. >> if it takes me to take care of it i'll do that. >> if he's no longer to take it up there i want to make sure it's up there. >> whiteside is going door to door knocking and telling people that he's offering this petition for them to sign. it's his hope that the property owner will allow people access to the cross so that they can care for it. coming up on the kron4 morning news a hot air balloon hits power lines and explodes. we'll have details from the scary scene ahead. plus the oakland a's continue to be the best team in baseball. we'll have your a's and giants highlights coming up. here at the bay bridge, an early morning hotspot, still a back up at 9:37. in oakland 66 degrees right now, limited sunshine again
9:38 am
today, looking for a high only in the low 70s. [ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed.
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welcome back. here is a live look at the bay bridge commute. it's still backed up for those for the folks trying to get on to the bridge at the to plaza. especially in the cash lanes so once you get to treasure island, speeds are almost backed up to 50 mys per hour heading into downtown san francisco. more details on your traffic and weather and headlines when we come back after the break. after people find a dentist through us,
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they often say, "i wish i had done this sooner." don't put it off any longer. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ welcome back. an update on bay area weather and traffic. we'll start with james fletcher. >> good morning guys beginning with the satellite radar view because this shows us what's happening in terms of the moisture in the air. what we're dealing with, now from ground level it looks like this. this is san francisco and the shot has deteriorated over the last hour or so getting more and more foggy, cloudy, and that low cloud coverage is still causing problems for sfo, you can see the effects one
9:45 am
hour 32 minute delays for arriving flights. no such issue at oakland, but san francisco international when we get foggy days like this it backs up. temperatures are at 70 in antioch and sunnyvail, and san jose so where we are seeing sunshine the temperatures climbing. where we aren't we're still stuck in the low to mid 60s eventually the clouds will part by mid morning we'll look for more clearing and by this afternoon, we'll expect partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies in the south bay temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s, 79 the expected high in san jose. in the eastbay our warm spots the delta, the livermore valley only up at about maybe low 80s, 84 for the most, hottest spot out in brentwood, and that's mild. upper 70s for the valley, low 70s for the eastbay shoreline, couldn't get anymore mild today, downtown san francisco will be about 68 and humidity will still be there as we got that moisture pushing on through keeping the humidity
9:46 am
levels on the high side. we've got mid 70s for the north bay, eventually we will warm things up and our seven day around the bay you'll see that by wednesday things pick up a little bit but especially by thursday and friday, the low pressure actually contributing to the moisture in the air will move off, actually expect high pressure to replace it and that's why temperatures will begin to climb to the mid 90s for our inland valleys by this weekend so we've got that to look forward to. at 9:45 let's get our final check of the commute. good morning. >> good morning james, looking a lot better. here is a look at the caldecot tunnel where the incident closed and ku see the back up is nearly not as bad. just minor in both directions along 24 and as you can see though no major problems showing the sensors not picking up major delays but it's still backed up at the bay bridge here especially if you go through the cash lanes, the carpool lanes look very easy to go through but the cash and also the fast track lanes are also a little slower to get through so we are seeing a little bit of a back up and delay heading on to the bay bridge, but once you get to
9:47 am
treasure island it is smooth sailing from there. a live look at san mateo. this bridge has been incident free all morning long. we want to keep it that way and you can see both directions, no problems going through and one last look at the golden gate bridge. it's cloudy and a little fogged in, but traffic has been very light without any incidents. back to you. thanks, 9:47. two people taken to the hospital overnight after a freight train rammed into a parked railroad cars. take a look at the new video we have into kron4 this morning from wisconsin, northwest of milwaukee. a total of three locomotives derailed in this crash, one engineer and one conductor were hurt. the derailment triggered evacuation orders for people who live within a half mile of that crash and that included much of the town because at least one railcar was carrying diesel fuel and that ruptured. those people are back in their homes now. at least four people are dead after a small plane crashes near sedona, arizona. and it sparks a wildfire this happened yesterday afternoon, the mountains, the faaxe says
9:48 am
hikers first reported the crash and wildfire burned at least 20- acres. a heart stopping moment for witnesses watching this hot air balloon as it crashed. this happened in clinton, massachusetts over the weekend saturday. the six people on board survived but they all suffered burns, some serious burns and investigators say the balloon was attempting land when it hit power lines and then as you see, two explosions. witnesses at that scene were pretty shaken up from this sight. >> big flash of red right in front of you and then another one couple seconds afterwards, so never seen anything like it again and i'm still shaking from it. >> we thought they were gone. everybody was calling 911. >> the faa says it's going town vest it gate the owners of the hot air balloon company have yet to release a comment on the crash. just into kron4, johns
9:49 am
hopkins hospital in baltimore has agreed to a $190 million settlement with more than 8,000 patients of a gynecologist who secretly photographed woman during pelvic exams. officials say dr. levy used a pen-like camera he wore around his neck. he committed suicide a year and a half ago while under investigation. he took roughly 1200 videos at 140 photographs. there is no evidence he shared any of the images though. it's back to court this morning for donald and shelley sterling as the judge weighs the future of the los angeles clippers. sterling is fighting the sale of the team. earlier this year the nba moved to oust him as owner over racist remarks he made to his girlfriend recorded. shelley sterling wants to sell the team for $2 billion to former microsoft ceo steve ballmer, but donald sterling claims his estranged wife doesn't have the authority to sell the franchise he's owned since 1981.
9:50 am
shelley and her lawyers argue donald is aware of the negotiation. on the bay area sports and the best team in baseball isn't showing any signs of slowing down. the a's are taking on baltimore orioles and the rubber match. gray is striking out eight to win his fifth consecutive decision and the a's pound the orioles 10-2 and gray gave up two runs, two hits and two walks, and the 24 year old right hander hasn't lost since june 13th. oakland with 15 hits, they chase starter in the fifth before beating up on baltimores bullpen, the rest of the way they host the astros starting tomorrow. the miami marlins took advantage of a wild pitch by tim linsicum in the 7th inning going on to beat the giants 3- 220 avoid a giants sweep, for the giants they missed out on much needed road series sweep. for linsicum, a personal four game winning streak the longest of his career and the giants loss losing brandon bell for the disabled list and he took a ball to the face during warm ups and then had a concussion.
9:51 am
he started the game but was unable to finish and had to put matt cane on the dalmost for 15 days. rory mcilroy just 25 years old but three major golf championships under his belt. he closed out the british open with a one under 71 to finish in first at 17 under par, two shots in front of ricky fowler and mcilroy winning a third major of the year leading after every round, began the fourth round leading by six shots and won by two. he won the 2011 u.s. open and 2012 pga championship which means he just needs to win the masters for a personal grand slam and he joins jack nicolaus and tiger woods as the only other players with three different majors at age 25 or younger. >> we just showed tiger. he tied for 69th place. >> ouch. if you missed sports night live here is a quick recap for you. >> here is something, adam jones thinks it's the final but watch this. >> kangaroo court. >> it's only two outs here, so
9:52 am
he tags and no throw, have you ever done that? >> no i've never done that. i know how many outs there are and three outs in an inning right, each side and then you change sides. >> you've never made that mistake well that's good. we'll take you out on a little grown men fighting over a football, tigers indians in detroit, your thoughts here? >> two grown men, right? i mean well we like to call them grown. they look like they are grown men but inside, they act like little babies, [laughter]. >> unbelievable. >> of course i said football but obviously it's baseball but look at this guy has clearly got it. he says no no it's mine. >> well it's an indian fan and a detroit fan. they don't like each other anyway. >> i like when he says look how he cradles it. puts it against his head. don't forget you can catch all the latest sports headlines and highlights from here and around the country sunday here on kron4 at 9:00. we'll be right back.
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take a look at this. a sand sculptor showing off
9:56 am
their skills in a castle carving contest in san diego, exhibits including tributes to popular movies and tv shows along with more traditional sand castles. the sun and sea festival wrapped up saturday. look at these on east coast some of the world's best sculptors showing off their skills this weekend at the national sand sculpting festival in massachusetts. the annual competition draws about half a million visitors to see these amazing works produced only with sand. forget about the diet today and give in because that's what you're supposed to do on national junk food day and it's creme brulet day if oreos and cheetos don't do it for you. dieticians say the average american is celebrating all the time apparently eating about 25 pounds of candy and 45 slices of pizza every year. here is a couple of pictures from our own viewers sending in their favorite junk food. what's she got in there? >> pub mix. >> oh, that looks good. >> kid with ice cream.
9:57 am
>> lolly pops cheap way to go as far as calories. >> yes, ice cream, that will do it. >> so you can get in on this by sending us your picture, tweet us with the hash tag kron 4 news. >> feels like it's good eating weather, its bust john gray and gloomy. take a look at the seven day forecast, temperatures muggy but still a lot of clouds and a few sprinkles passing through but looks like things will clear out as we head toward the middle part of the weekend. a warm up on the way we'll see temperature by the mid 90s inland bite time we get towards thursday and friday. looks like clouds will linger for at least the first half of the day today. >> that's it for this morning. thanks for joining us. be back here tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. >> dr. phil coming up next.
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil." she went from rapper to muslim. her mother won't accept it. >> dr. phil: she thinks you're going to become a terrorist. you haven't seen your daughter in a year, haven't even looked at her. >> she looked nothing like my daughter. >> announcer: is this another phase? >> dr. phil: before you wanted to be dutch and move to amsterdam. >> announcer: has she found her destiny. >> dr. phil: you think they're good morning into a cult. >> that's exactly what i believe. >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> dr. phil: i hate to see people suffering. you've hurt long enough. >> stand by, dr. phil. >> dr. phil: i'm going to get you the help you need. this is going to be a changing day in your life. >> dr. phil: this is kristen also known as m.c. router. she's an internationally recognized rapper who is known